In a previous post I told you what this black fungus is and how it occurs in our body. If you don’t see the post, you can take a look at that black fungus by clicking here.
This time in the post we are going to know how we can escape from this terrible black fungus. And if we follow the precautions, it will not harm us. Let’s not know.

We have already discussed what black fungus is. Now we know that this black fungus lives around our homes and even in our daily necessities. But if our immune system is much stronger then it can do us no more harm.
We don’t know who in the world has brought the outbreak of the Corona virus to a worse position. This black fungus has brought a new panic. Anyone can be infected with this black fungus if their immune system is weakened.

# Now we going to know where the black fungus is?
1. In wet damp places
2. From something that rots easily
3. On the ground
4. In the pond water.
5. It is even found in lemons. There are many more places to meet.
Scientists have started researching it anew. It has become so frightening that the eyes, nose, throat and brain of the victims are being damaged. As a result, people are dying all the time.

# Ways to avoid it:

1. We must always be clean and tidy.
2. Hands should be washed repeatedly with soap.
3. You must wear a mask because this disease is most common in patients with coronary heart disease. Because their immune system becomes very weak. So you have to avoid corona first then black fungus.
4. Hands must be washed with soap after touching rotten things.
5. If you want to move the soil, you have to wear gloves later. Because the main habitat of black fungus is soil.
6. To strengthen the immune system, you should always eat healthy fruit roots.
. Vitamin D national fruits and vegetables should be eaten more and more. Etc.

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