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Privacy Policy

We use security technology to maintain the privacy of your information and adhere to policies that prevent unauthorized use of your personal information. We take all the information of our visitors to our website for our security. Some of their little information is kept on our offline server. We are committed to keeping all the information of our website users confidential. This Privacy & Policy Statement applies to all personal information collected and used by the "Jana Ojana Krishi" entity responsible for the relevant part of the website.

Use of cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on your browser and they are used for record keeping purpose. We use cookies to make visiting and using our Jana Ojana website.


All unethical issues of our website are always reviewed. And if any kind of illegal matter is raised then we are responsible for it. All matters are kept under surveillance.


Our aim is to make all the farmers of our country skilled in new ways. To make important contribution to the economy of the country. To present Bangladesh to everyone in a new way.